The Songwriter’s Toolkit™

Turning music notes into money notes

The Coaches

ABOUT THE FACILITATORS (click on their pictures to read more).


Elrine Spies


Elrine has been performing professionally and independently since 2001. She studied B.Tech Music at the Technikon Pretoria School of Music and graduated in 2005. READ MORE…



Xavier Saer

Originally from Peru, Saer has written over 1100 songs, and his works are published internationally by Universal Music. His songs play on 5 major commercial radio stations, including Highveld, Jacaranda and 5fm. He has worked with SAMA-award winners Mauritz Lotz, Leanne and DJ Cleo. READ MORE…



Philip de Villiers

A passion for music, teaching and business would sum up Philip de Villiers in a nutshell. Coming from a strong artistic, business-orientated background, he is flourishing as a money-making creative today. His music enjoys high rotation on major commercial radio stations, TV, as well as on SAA’s local and international flights. “Living out your passion and making good money from it, is your birthright,” he says. “The day when I received my first royalty cheque, was the proudest day of my life.” READ MORE…

SOWETO & DURBAN (please e-mail us for up-to-date information for coaches in these areas).

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